MP: Games Destroy Childhood

MP: Games Destroy Childhood

Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of the UK Conservative party, has blamed games for the destruction of children’s innocence because no one pays attention to age ratings.

Speaking to the UK Times newspaper (via CVG), Smith said, “We are driving children to lose their childhood, and some video games are incredibly violent, like Grand Theft Auto. They are meant to be 18 but nobody cares what it says on the label.”

In the US a recent study found that approximately 62 per cent of US parents conduct research before purchasing a videogame that their child wants.

The study focused on the awareness and influence of the ESRB classification system on both children and their parents. It found that 82 per cent of parents and 75 per cent of children who play games are familiar with ESRB ratings, and that 70 per cent of parents pay close attention to ratings when purchasing a game for themselves or their families.