Murdoch Swoops for IGN

Murdoch Swoops for IGN

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has bought games and entertainment site IGN
for $650 million.

Murdoch’s interest in IGN has been widely known, as is his declared
interest in expanding his empire into the online arena. Sites like IGN,
with high numbers of young, affluent, tech-savvy consumers, have become

IGN offers consumer staples such as reviews and tips across mainstream
game platforms. It also publishes entertainment offshoots such as

IGN was first launched in the mid-to-late 90s Internet boom, and has
grown enormously in terms of traffic and advertising revenues. It has
yet to turn an annual profit. Last year it lost $124 million on $42
million sales.

Note: IGN was originally launched by Imagine,  now Future USA,
publisher of this site. The author of this article is a former
editor-in-chief of IGN.