Myst Online Goes Open Source

Myst Online Goes Open Source

Myst Online Goes Open Source

The seemingly immortal Myst Online has gone open source, developer Cyan Worlds has announced.

In a post on the game’s forums – spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun – a Cyan staffer revealed the next step in Myst Online’s apparently never-ending life is putting the game in the hands of its rabid community, with the move to open source.

“Today we are announcing that the sources for the MOULA client engine and development tools will be made available as open source,” the post reads. “At the same time, MOSS, which is a MOULA server replacement will also be released. Both open source projects will be hosted on

“The goal is…to provide a ‘playground’ where new writers can learn their craft, new maintainers can inspect it, and new cartographers can map it.

“These are exciting times, but not without risk. The tools and skills are new and need to be sharpened. There will be disagreements and strongly expressed opinions. And there will be decisions and mistakes. Let’s keep it civil.”

Released in 2003 as the multiplayer component to Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, Myst Online was cancelled in 2004, only kept alive by its dedicated community in unsupported form on Cyan Worlds’ servers.

In 2007, after Ubisoft pulled out of an agreement to publish the game, on-demand service GameTap released the game, only to cancel it in February 2008. A few months later GameTap handed the rights back to developer Cyan Worlds, which released the game free of charge under the name MO:ULagain in 2010.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun / Myst Online