NCsoft Reports 33 Per Cent Profit Hike

NCsoft Reports 33 Per Cent Profit Hike

NCsoft, the Korean MMOG publisher behind titles such as City Of Heroes and Guild Wars, has announced a 33 per cent increase in profits for its first financial quarter.

Though revenues fell 7 per cent year-on-year to ?155.4 billion ($142.7m/€101.0m), net income rose 33 per cent quarter-on-quarter to ?40.8 billion ($37.5m/€26.5m). The figure is a year-on-year decrease of 30 per cent, however.

"Small-scaled sales promotions" for Lineage and Aion were cited as the reason for the quarter's flat revenue.

In its sales breakdown the company reported that while overseas sales were slow, Aion and Lineage 2 performed well in China. South Korea represents 65 per cent of the company's total market, while Europe and North America account for just four and five per cent respectively.

Despite weak overseas sales, Aion currently accounts for 44 per cent of total revenues, making it NCsoft's most successful game.

Source: NCsoft