New 360 Bundles For Christmas?

New 360 Bundles For Christmas?

Best Buy’s website is now listing two new Xbox 360 bundles that are expected to ship for the holiday season.

The “Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Bundle” will contain the Xbox 360 Elite console along with two games, the racing game Forza Motorsport 2 and the licensed action-RPG Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Best Buy is listing the price for this bundle as $449.99, the same price that the Xbox 360 Elite currently retails for alone.

The second bundle is similar to the first bundle, but contains an Xbox 360 Premium instead of an Elite. It will retail for $349.99, which is what the Xbox 360 Premium retails for currently without a bundle.

Both games included in these bundles were well received by critics and consumers. shows that Forza Motorsport 2 received an aggregate review score of 89.9%, making it the ninth highest-scoring Xbox 360 game yet released. Marvel Ultimate Alliance received an aggregate review score of 82.8%.  

Though these bundles are now all but confirmed, news of their existence previously circulated as rumor; included in that rumor was information on an Xbox 360 Core bundle that would contain a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, and five Xbox Live Arcade games. This final bundle has yet to be confirmed by official sources.