New Humble Bundle launches

A new Humble Bundle, the Humble Voxatron Debut, has launched, the third Wolfire Games pay-what-you-want indie promotion to launch in 2011.

This time just one game is included: Voxatron, a voxel-based platformer-shooter with support for user-generated content, released in a Minecraft-like alpha state, with those buying the game guaranteed access to all of developer Lexaloffle's future content updates.

At the time of writing, the promotion has grossed almost $200,000 from over 50,000 buyers. As is rapidly becoming a tradition, Minecraft developer Markus "Notch" Persson sits atop the top contributors chart after paying $2,000.

As always, buyers can dictate how their payment is split between the developer, charities EFF and Child's Play, and the Bundle organisers. The Humble Voxatron Bundle follows the third Indie Bundle, which launched in July, and April's Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, featuring games from the Finnish Trine developer. For more, follow the source link below.