New issue of Edge out now

New issue of Edge out now

Featuring an in-depth look at Sony's powerful new Vita handheld as well as the first wave of games we can expect to play on it, the mag should start falling on subscribers doormats today and will be available from UK newsagents and Zinio on August 30.

We speak to Jaakko Iisalo, the man who gave life to Rovio's Angry Birds and find out from Valve composer Mike Morasky what it took to build Portal 2's soundtrack.

And we look at when shoddily put together games cross the line from annoying to unethical, visit Metal Gear Solid's Alaskan island setting Shadow Moses and celebrate one of the most iconic of all in-game objects: the health pack.

A visit to Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine features, as does a showcase of concepts behind Bluehole’s intricate MMORPG Tera and we find out exactly what went into the making of World Of Goo.

Previews include the likes of Rage, Diablo III, Journey and Dead Island while Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Driver San Francisco, Xenoblade Chronicles are all reviewed and given extra space to breathe in our building Post Script collection.

For more about the issue, visit its magazine page, where you can subscribe to our print or digital editions.

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