New Rovio IP “in a couple of months”

Finnish studio Rovio is to spread its wings beyond the all-conquering Angry Birds franchise, promising that a new IP will be released "in a couple of months."

The news comes from CEO Mikael Hed, who told AllThingsD that he was not concerned by the studio's hitherto reliance on the Angry Birds series because it has branched out into other areas – specifically merchandising, which has proven especially lucrative. "If everything we did was just about mobile games," he said, "I'd be more worried."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hed admits that the studio is frequently approached by other companies looking to acquire the studio. "It is very regular to get contacted by somebody who wants to know if we are interested," he said. "We feel good about our future. We are not in a rush to sell."

Following Rovio's explosive growth – Angry Birds has been downloaded over half a billion times – there are fewer and fewer companies out there with the financial means to acquire the company. One of those is Zynga, and Hed as good as admits that the most successful developer on Facebook has expressed an interest.

"I would say that there are a number of companies that are very active in the acquisition space," he said. "Zynga is one of them. It is clear that at one point or another we talk to everybody."

Rovio announced Angry Birds Space, a fully-fledged sequel, earlier this week. Set for release on March 22, Hed says it's "a really fresh take on the franchise. Space brings a lot of new features into the game."