News Snips 10/20

News Snips 10/20

Gizmondo prices satellite nav packages…IDG gets Ask Jeeves
placement… Ubisoft to publish Faces of War… Majesco gets increased

With a GPS built-into the Gizmondo, there had to be a
navigation solution for use in cars. Gizmondo modified ALK Technology’s
CoPilot as the mapping solution for its navigation package, which will
be sold as Gizmondo Navigator 2006. There will be four territories:
East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast and South West. Each package will cost
$169 or an entire country option will be available at $249. Mind you,
this is on top of the base cost of a Gizmondo which will be $229 when
it starts shipping October 22. A bundle that includes a system and the
entire USA option will be available for $399.

non-exclusive content licensing deal has been struck between IDG
Entertainment and Ask Jeeves ( Under the terms of the
agreement, IDG will provide images, product descriptions, hints,
cheats, walk-throughs and pricing information for videogames.

the old WW2 chestnut isn’t completely played-out yet. Ubisoft will be
publishing the squad-based WW2-themed RTS game, Faces of War for PC.
Developed by Best Way, the game will hit shelves in March 2006.

advance credit levels have been increased from $7.5 million to $16
million for Majesco. The troubled publisher has also reactivated a $10
million letter of credit facility for purchase order financing.