Next-gen consoles must ‘blow people away’ to succeed, says CD Projekt


The pressure is on PS4 and the next Xbox to dazzle games players after the rise of iOS and Android consoles, says CD Projekt’s Marcin Iwinski.

The Witcher 3 studio’s co-founder and joint also called for Sony and Microsoft to focus on encouraging more open dialogue between developers and games players with its next consoles.

“I’m really curious what the platform holders will deliver this generation because they really have to surprise and blow people away,” Iwinski told us. “The technology is one part, and then there’s the method of delivery – this is the part I’m super-excited about. We have and direct relations with consumers there, of course there’s Steam, and I’m really excited to see what will happen on the next-gen consoles, because iOS and Android consoles have completely turned it all upside down.”

Iwinski also stressed that greater interaction between players and creators is vital to the new consoles’ success. “Here’s the developer, here’s the gamer – they should talk,” he added. “If there’s a chain of people in the middle that is kind of muffled. The more direct the communication, the better the games are. It’s that simple.”

CD Projekt revealed its next-gen exclusive The Witcher 3 in February. You can get more detail through the link.