Next gen games development needs ‘a new recipe’, says Jade Raymond


Better visuals and AI alone won’t be enough to satisfy next gen games players – developers must come up with a ‘new recipe’ for their games, says Ubisoft Toronto boss Jade Raymond.

Speaking in an interview to be published in full later today, Raymond said that the changing habits of games players and rise of PC and mobile means that large studios like the Splinter Cell Blacklist developer must look again at how it develops and sells console games.

“Our focus is still going to be on high-end, HD games but yes, we are looking at different business models within that,” Raymond told us. “It’s not moving people away from console versions as much as it is rethinking how we’re doing those console versions. So instead of, by default, saying ‘this is the recipe for next-gen, we’re going to up-res the graphics or do more features with more AI’ it’s also thinking – ‘how have peoples’ way of consuming games changed?’”

“What’s the pattern, what are people looking for, getting used to, what are their expectations now?” she continued. “People are trying out games free before deciding to buy them now. It’s about making sure we meet players’ needs and keep up with the reality of what they’re looking for, so I think that’s really exciting. It means we are going through a shift, even in terms of console games. And we have to think of a new recipe.”

We also recently published Raymond’s thoughts on the tensions between indies and larger studios, and why bigger studios aren’t simply ‘churning things out’. Ubisoft Toronto will release Splinter Cell: Blacklist on August, PS3, 360, PC and Wii U.