Nielsen Corrects Console Usage Report

Nielsen Corrects Console Usage Report

Research firm Nielsen has amended its recently released report that claimed the Wii has the lowest amount of usage.

In January 2009, Wii was second only to the massively popular PlayStation 2 in usage. Nielsen told FastCompany the correct usage minute percentages across all consoles were: PlayStation 2: 23.7 percent, Wii: 20.7 percent, Xbox 360: 18.2 percent, PlayStation 3: 9.0 percent, Xbox: 7.9 percent and GameCube: 3.3 percent.

Nielsen notes: "Looking at the total usage minutes across all consoles for 2008, PlayStation 2 with the largest installed base still leads all other consoles. However the PlayStation 2 usage minutes are trending significantly down for the year. GameCube and Xbox usage minutes are slowly trending down for 2008. The Xbox 360 and Wii usage minutes are trending upward."

Nielsen corrected and reposted its report on its blog.