Nintendo Asks for Piracy Crackdown

Nintendo Asks for Piracy Crackdown

Nintendo Asks for Piracy Crackdown

Nintendo is fed up with rampant software piracy that is costing the game maker hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

"The unprecedented momentum enjoyed by Nintendo DS and Wii makes Nintendo an attractive target for counterfeiters," said Nintendo of America anti-piracy head Jodi Daugherty.

"We estimate that in 2007, Nintendo, together with its publishers and developers, suffered nearly $975 million USD worldwide in lost sales as a result of piracy. Nintendo will continue to work with governments around the world to aggressively curtail this illegal activity."

Nintendo said Thursday that it has asked the US Trade Representative to encourage specific governments around the world to take a tougher stance on piracy.

The game maker specifically cited China as a problem area, as the country is a well-known hub for pirated game software. Nintendo said China is “the primary source” for pirated DS and Wii titles.

Nintendo also pointed a finger at Korea, which the company said “has emerged as the leader in distributing illegal game files via the Internet.”

Paraguay and Hong Kong also serve as shipment points for the distribution of illegal goods, Nintendo said.

Nintendo added that it worked with Chinese authorities last year to seize 1 million fake Nintendo products, but “not one” counterfeiter has been prosecuted.

Meanwhile, Nintendo called Latin America “a haven for piracy.”