Nintendo Direct: Sonic the Hedgehog exclusive to Nintendo, more Wii U titles revealed


Satoru Iwata presented the latest Nintendo Direct this afternoon updating games that they’re launching this year. It features Mario & Sonic at the Winter Games, Sonic the Hedgehog as an exclusive, Game & Wario Wii U, Resident Evil, Pikmin 3

The latest in the Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics series, from Sega, will take place this year in Sochi, in Southern Russia, on the Black Sea. “I thought it would be much colder until I looked into it.” said Iwata. “The graphics are enhanced compared to earlier games in the series.” It uses the Wii Remote Plus controller. New events include Figure Skating Pairs and Snowboarding Slope Style, while Curling uses WiiU gamepad to plan, and players trying the Biathalon must switch between the Wii Remote Plus and Gamepad. It also offers the classic dream events, where stages are built in world of Sonic and Mario, allowing for non-real life worlds, including a new mixed racing event combining sleighing, skating and bob-sleighing.

It looks like Sonic is exclusive to Nintendo now, though we’ve attempting to confirm that. “…we have entered into a worldwide partnership with Sega on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise” said Iwata. And another Sonic game is revealed with more shown prior to E3 – an action-platformer called “Lost World” which will be out exclusively on WiiU and 3DS.

Iwata also showed off the new Game & Wario for Wii U. This includes sixteen games including Gamer, Ski, Camera, all attempting to use the Wii U gamepad. It’ll be out on June 28th.

Resident Evil Revelations is heading to Wii U soon, with updated graphics, Wii U gamepad controls, and extra content, including a new difficulty mode, “Infernal”, where monster positions have been moved “It will feel like a totally different experience.” Iwata said. Also, Hunk and Rachel have been added as playable characters to Raid mode. It will be available from May 24th on Nintendo eShop.

Iwata also gave more details on the New Super Luigi U DLC for New Super Mario U. Replacing Mario over the 82 updated courses is Nabbit, the thief who steals items from Toad’s house in New Super Mario U. Nabbit is a bit different from the other characters, in that he cannot power up, even if he collects items – instead doesn’t take damage when touches enemies. It will be onsale June 20th on the eShop and a standalone boxed version of Super Luigi U will be available from July 26th on shop shelves.

The much-anticipated Wonderful 101 from Platinum Games will come to Europe on August 23rd.

Iwata revealed lots more details about Pikmin 3. Three new main characters are called Alph, Brittany, Charlie (Captain), who are from a planet that’s run out of food. Finding the Pikmin allows them to collect food that can be taken as seeds back to their home planets. Having collected food, you can use it for juice which lets players explore the world. Players can explore only at daytime, as night is dangerous, but you can replay days or revert to earlier sections if you mess up. The Gamepad becomes a handy information terminal called the KopPad, which shows where your character has been, and let’s you move characters around using the touchscreen.

There will be a separate Nintendo Direct about Wii U content airing around E3 time. And that’s all folks!