Nintendo faces lawsuit over 3D patent infringement



Nintendo is being sued by Japanese inventor Seijiro Tomita, who claims that he developed the glasses-free 3D technology used by 3DS.

The lawsuit, as reported by Reuters, says that Tomita demoed a prototype of his tech to Nintendo in 2003 while the patent was still pending. A US patent was subsequently granted in 2008, and he now holds a Japanese patent, too.

Since the 3DS launched in 2011, the inventor has found it difficult to find a licensing partner for his own technology.

Nintendo’s attorney Scott Lindvall counters the claim, saying that the company held meetings with a number of technology vendors around the same time, and that Tomita’s was “one of hundreds”.

Additionally, he points out that the 3DS doesn’t make use of “cross-point” technology, a system set out in Tomita’s patent which allows devices to display 3D images across multiple screens.

Tomita’s attorney cited a damage estimate provided by an expert which suggests Tomita is entitled to damages that equate to $9.80 for every handheld sold.