Nintendo to revamp 3DS eShop

Nintendo is to give a thorough overhaul of the 3DS download service, eShop, with demos, sleep mode downloads, and a browser version of the store for PCs and smartphones.

Speaking to investors following its latest financial results, company president Satoru Iwata said: "We are aiming to accelerate our digital business, the importance of which is expected to become even higher in the future. Several new functions will be added to the Nintendo eShop."

Those included demos – developers will be able to limit the number of times they can be played – the ability for downloads while the system is in sleep mode "to lessen the need for the users to patiently wait by while downloading several software titles at once," and support for microtransactions and DLC, as we reported earlier today.

"In terms of usability, we know that there are still several issues with the eShop," Iwata added. "We are now preparing for the Nintendo eShop to be available on the web so that you can access it via PCs or smartphones too."

Purchases will not be immediately available through the web store – instead a QR code will be displayed which, when scanned by the 3DS, opens the relevant page on the eShop – but Iwata confirmed that users will, in the fullness of time, be able to make in-browser purchases.