Nintendo Wins Patent Infringement Appeal

Nintendo Wins Patent Infringement Appeal

The US Court of Appeals has overturned a 2008 ruling requiring Nintendo to pay out $21 million for infringing on a controller patent.

In 2006, Nintendo was accused by Texas-based gaming company Anascape of infringing on US Patent No. 6,906,700, “3D controller with vibration.”

Two years later a Texas jury found that neither the Wii Remote nor the Nunchuk controller infringed on said patent, but that Nintendo’s Wii Classic Controller and the WaveBird and standard controllers for GameCube did.

Nintendo had been in line to make a $21 million payout to Anascape, but the Court of Appeals has reversed the decision.

“In 2008, the jury determined that the Wii Remote and Nunchuk did not infringe,” said Rick Flamm, Nintendo of America’s general counsel. “Today the Federal Circuit’s ruling confirmed that none of Nintendo’s controllers infringe. We appreciate that our position has been vindicated.”