Nintendo’s E3 conference live on Edge

Nintendo's E3 conference live on Edge

Nintendo's E3 conference live on Edge

E3 is, without doubt, the biggest event on the videogame calendar, and this year we'll be bringing you live streams of Nintendo's press conference, which kicks off at 5pm BST on Tuesday, June 5.

Last year Satoru Iwata unveiled Wii U, and this year you can expect to see the final hardware and a taste of its launch line-up. Nintendo says it will reveal three firstparty games for the system during the conference, and we're also keen to see the level of thirdparty support the company has in store. There'll be plenty of 3DS news, too, with New Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing 3DS sure to be shown off, along with some all-new announcements.

In addition to the Nintendo conference, we're also hosting live streams of the Microsoft and Sony E3 events, both of which take place on Monday, June 4. There'll be in-depth coverage and analysis of all the big announcements, and we've got a few surprises in store, too.

To help keep track of it all, we suggest you bookmark our E3 2012 topic page – and have a read of our E3 2012 preview, too.