No PS4 at E3, says Hirai

Kaz Hirai has poured cold water on claims that Sony is to unveil a new home console at this year's E3.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Hirai, president of Sony's Consumer Products And Services Group, said that recent reports claiming the PlayStation 3 successor would be unveiled at the Los Angeles trade show in June were wide of the mark.

He referred to comments made by SCEI president Andrew House to CVG at the launch last month of PlayStation Vita, who said: "I don't think we're contemplating talking about anything to do with future console iterations at this point."

Hirai agreed, saying: "Andy is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3. I've always said [there will be] a ten-year life-cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that."

Hirai's position is in stark contrast to that of a source who last week insisted to MCV that Sony, along with Microsoft, would be unveiling new hardware at E3. In November, sources told us Sony was gearing up for PS4 with one major Sony-owned studio abandoning PS3 and shifting its entire focus to its successor.

This is the second Sony denial so far this week: on Monday, it denied reports that Hirai would replace Howard Stringer as president of Sony Corporation in April, with the appointment to be confirmed at a board meeting next month.