“No Turning Back” on Diablo III Art

"No Turning Back" on Diablo III Art

"No Turning Back" on Diablo III Art

A petition with over 52,000 signatures isn’t enough to change Blizzard Entertainment’s more colorful art direction for Diablo III.

“There’s no going back now,” lead designer Jay Wilson told MTV Multiplayer. “We’re very happy with how the art style is. The art team’s happy. The company’s happy. We really like this art style, and we’re not changing it.”

Diablo III has adopted an art style more colorful than the dark palette used for previous Diablo games. Fans of the franchise took offense at what they called World of Warcraft-esque visuals, and launched a petition demanding the art direction for Diablo III change.

Signers of the petition say Diablo III is also too cartoony.

Wilson said that previous Diablo III concepts did use darker, grittier (i.e. grayer, browner) graphics. But those colors were not conducive to good gameplay in a 3D game with an isometric view.

“When you have 30 creatures on screen–and four or five different types–target prioritization is a factor,” he said. “You need to be able to tell those things apart fast, and you can’t do that when your world is gray and your creatures are gray.”

It wasn’t until the third iteration that the Diablo team settled for relatively colorful graphics.

“I don’t know that we can convince people who don’t like the art direction that they’re ever going to like it,” Wilson added. “In terms of tone, they will find the game as dark as any of the previous ones and in some ways darker. And I think that’s probably, hopefully, enough to satisfy them."