Notch washes hands of Yogscast

Markus "Notch" Persson, studio head of Minecraft developer Mojang, has said he will no longer work with the duo behind YouTube sensation Yogscast.

Persson was unhappy with the duo swearing during a panel at the Minecon event in Las Vegas given that so many attendees had brought their children to the event, which was held to celebrate Minecraft's stunning success and mark its official release.

On Twitter this morning, he wrote: "We also learned who not to work with at Minecon. Shame." Later, he added: "I'm very sorry about the behaviour of the people we won't work with anymore. Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids."

A blunt tweet this afternoon confirms it was Yogscast he was talking about. Last month Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, the pair whose YouTube channel receives around 80 million views per month, told us they felt they had played a significant tole in Minecraft's success.

"The entire game has had $0 spent on PR yet has sold 3.5 million copies," Brindley said. "I think a large part of that is due to us."