NPD reveals Okami, Zack & Wiki Sales Data

NPD reveals Okami,? ?Zack? & ?Wiki Sales Data

NPD has revealed the US lifetime sales figures of four key Wii titles published by Capcom. 

The Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 has sold 759,000 units in the country; nearly double that of the lightgun game Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, which managed to shift 398,800 in the US.

The Wii version of Okami, meanwhile, only managed to move 165,900 units; still more than the Wii’s undiscovered point ‘n click adventure Zack & Wiki, which only sold 116,600 units.

The figures were unearthed by news site IGN, and published ahead of the Wii release of Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop.