NPD: Wii Overtakes 360 in US

NPD: Wii Overtakes 360 in US

According to NPD Industry Analyst Anita Frazier, "The Wii has taken the lead in total sales of current generation console hardware at 10.9 million units sold at retail life-to-date in the U.S."

The Wii sold 666.7K units in June 2008, the NPD stats for the month reveal, compared to 405.5K for the PS3 and 219.8K for the Xbox 360. The Nintendo DS sold 783K units for the month, while the PSP mustered sales of 337.4K.

"Platform-exclusive content usually fuels hardware system purchases, and PS3 sales certainly reflect the impact of Metal Gear Solid 4,” said Frazier. “PS3 unit sales were the highest of any month outside of that recorded during previous November/December holiday timeframes."

Regarding software, dollar sales for video games in 2008 came in at $1.69 billion, compared to June 2007′s $1.1 billion; a 53% increase. $615.1 million of this came from hardware sales, while $872.6 million came from software and $202 million from accessories. These represent year-on-year increases of 54%, 61%, and 25% respectively.

The top ten software titles for the month were led unsurprisingly by Metal Gear Solid 4, which moved 774.6K unbundled units. Guitar Hero: On Tour took the number two spot with 422.3K, while LEGO Indiana Jones SKUs took the 8, 9, and 10 spots.

Said Frazier, "As expected, Metal Gear Solid 4 realized significant retail sales and drove PS3 hardware acquisition.  While the attached media report does not include units bundled with hardware, if included MGS4 sold-through nearly 1 million units."

She added "Wii Play continues to achieve an attach rate of over 50% to every new Wii hardware system sale.  I can’t think of another game that has ever had that kind of performance after 16 months at retail." Regarding the strong performance of the PS2 SKU of Indiana Jones, she remarked that, “As Iron Man did last month, mass-friendly titles are a perfect fit for the still healthy PS2 platform.”

June U.S. software rankings are below (includes collector’s edition and bundles but not software bundled with hardware):

1. PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4, Konami, 6/08—774.6K
2. NDS Guitar Hero On Tour, Activision, 6/08—422.3K
3. 360 Ninja Gaiden II, Microsoft, 6/08—372.7K
4. Wii Fit with Balance Board, NOA, 5/08—372.7K
5. Wii Play with Remote, NOA, 2/07—359.1K
6. 360 Battlefield: Bad Company, EA, 6/08—346.8K
7. Wii Mario Kart with Wheel, NOA, 4/08—322.4K
8. Wii LEGO Indiana Jones, LucasArts, 6/08—294.5K
9. NDS LEGO Indiana Jones, LucasArts, 6/08—267.8K
10. PS2 LEGO Indiana Jones, LucasArts, 6/08—260.3K