Nvidia Shield retails at $349, pre-orders start May 20th


We’re talked about Project Shield before, Nvidia’s strange and clever mobile gaming land-grab targetted directly at high-end PC users. Today the firm announced that it will retail at $349 – the same price as a Wii U – and that pre-orders open on May 20.

The device features the firm’s current top-end mobile processor, the Tegra 4. It runs Tegra-powered games and normal Android games locally, and can stream PC games from a gaming PC over Wifi (if all your hardware is compliant with some very tight specs.) It’s all built into a well-made controller casing with a 720P multi-touch screen, integrated speakers and a bunch of extra bits.

Why would Nvidia make this? Well, given that the specifications for the next-generation of hardware are pretty much settled and given that we can expect that generation to be around until at least 2018, there’s not going to be a huge push on the PC graphics side, as most games will be codeveloped across all platforms. And all that console hardware is AMD-driven.

So one could argue that mobile gaming is the sole place where Nvidia can grab an advantage. At that price, though, it may struggle to reach out to anyone but the hardcore.

Thanks to The Verge.