Official Nintendo Magazine launches new look


Our friends on Official Nintendo Magazine have launched a new-look issue today in the run-up to the UK release of the Wii U.

The launch issue includes a guide to Wii U and 3DS gaming, along with a Wii U buyers’ guide and reviews of the first wave of Wii U games. It also introduces a new section that focuses on the console’s social network, Miiverse. And if that weren’t enough to tempt you, you’ll also get two Wii U drinks coasters – which is a much less expensive alternative to using your ZombiU and NSMBU discs.

“The new look has been the result of months of hard work and I am delighted to introduce the Wii U elements to the magazine,” says editor-in-chief of Nintendo projects at Future Publishing Chandra Nair. “This is a really exciting time for Nintendo and I am proud that we are a major part of it all.”

The issue is on sale now, and you can find out more about what’s inside over on the magazine’s official website.