The Old Republic subscribers top 1.7 million

Electronic Arts has labelled Star Wars: The Old Republic “the fastest growing subscription MMOG ever” following an impressive first six weeks on the market.

The BioWare developed MMOG has sold more than two million copies since launching on December 20 and now has “a little over” 1.7 million active subscribers. “Nearly” 40 per cent of the game’s December sales came through EA’s digital download service Origin.

“This was achieved with a level of Q3 marketing well below that of a AAA holiday quarter launch,” said EA CFO Eric Brown. “Based on the success to date of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we have decided to increase our marketing spend in Q4 to take advantage of this momentum.”

EA Games Label president Frank Gibeau added: “In summary: we nailed the launch This is an outstanding start for an MMOG and the metrics on engagement suggests players are loving this game.”

Unique log-ins average roughly one million per day and the average play time is approximately four hours per day, while players have racked up over 239 million in-game hours, killing more than 20 billion NPCs, according to the publisher.

“Outside of scheduled maintenance, our servers have been up and running at 99.5 percent of the time – which is a big win in and of itself,” said Gibeau. “Every major MMO launch has had significant service issues – until now.

“In the next phase, our goal is to grow the number of subscribers with frequent releases of content that make the game even more exciting. With this in mind, BioWare has just released an extensive game update that provided additional, higher level group missions and new game features to keep players engaged. We plan on delivering another major update, even larger than the first, in March.”

The Old Republic sales update was delivered as EA narrowed its quarterly loss in the three months ended December 31, 2011.