OpenFeint launches Game Channel

OpenFeint launches Game Channel

OpenFeint launches Game Channel

New group purchasing system launched to social network’s 50 million users.

Mobile social gaming network OpenFeint has announced a new group purchasing system.

OpenFeint, which boasts 50 million users across iOS and Android and continues to grow despite Apple’s launch of Game Center, has launched Game Channel, an app which offers Groupon-style discounts for multiple purchases of games.

The first deal is Fire Sale, which will feature one game each week, normally priced between $1.99 and $9.99. Users vote to say they want the game and when a target number of votes is reached, the game’s price drops, with OpenFeint then sending push notifications informing users the game has been discounted.

Fire Sale’s first game will be Jaws, the official game of the 1975 Steven Spielberg blockbuster. The service went live this morning. Game Channel will also offer a different game each day for free to boost download figures and App Store rankings.

“We have a motivated community that has proven time and again that they’ll come back for great deals. This happens every day with Free Game of the Day,” said OpenFeint CEO Jason Citron. “Fire Sale is a truly social, community-based promotion, that is a perfect way for game developers to get their games downloaded.”

OpenFeint is inviting interested developers to get in touch here.