Out There: Nintendo handhelds

Out There: Nintendo handhelds

Today, let's look at transformations of Nintendo consoles into handheld versions. First, a step-by-step photo guide to making a N64 portable. We particularly like how GoldenEye is displayed on the new LCD screen while the guts of the machine powering it are left splayed out.

And here's a GameCube squeezed into a PSP. Well, mostly – the PSP's back has been built out to accomodate the bits – but it seems to run Wind Waker very nicely indeed. Playing on the analogue nubs doesn't seem quite so fun, though.

A new concept art blog, appropriately called Fuck Yeah Concept Art. It includes the names of the artists, which is really nice, and it takes you straight to their blogs, though it could do with telling you what games the pieces were made for.

And finally, here's an astonishing performance in Cave bullet-hell shooter Ketsui Death Label. "Watch out watch out!" indeed. Most cathartic after two days of watching a colleague die over and over in Dark Souls.