Out There: sexy Mass Effect, real Pip-Boy

Out There: sexy Mass Effect, real Pip-Boy

Out There: sexy Mass Effect, real Pip-Boy

"Give at least 25 per cent of your game away" is Edge columnist Tadhg Kelly's advice for developers planning game demos, which seems a lot, but it's most likely to achieve both promotion and sales, because a big demo gets players talking about it. Kelly's best demo? Doom's, which comprised a whole third of the game. What's yours?

Here's Calum Alexander Watt's fantastic concept art for an unreleased PS2 "postapocalyptic driving/adventure game" that was to feature "the sounds, and including the members, of a popular anti-Napster mega band". Love the nod to Grant Wood's American Gothic.

Talking of post-apocalyptic adventure games, here's a (mostly) working Pip-boy 3000, made from an HTC Desire HD.


And here's some sexy Mass Effect 2 romping.


What better way to explore a gigapixel photograph than through a huge screen and with Kinect? Here's a video of just this at a recent event at the University of Lincoln, complete with ambient audio.

This is the best song ever named Video Games. Lana Del Rey’s upcoming single is lump-in-throat monumental, and we’ve no idea what it has to do with videogames.