Out There: Is VVVVVV’s name good?

Out There: Is VVVVVV's name good?

Out There: Is VVVVVV's name good?

Is VVVVVV a good name for a game? It certainly was, suggests James Dilks for Kill Screen, saying that it captures a claim for uniqueness, standing out over a raft of other indie game names. We'd be inclined to agree, though we've also always slightly resented it, for fear we haven't typed the right number of Vs.

Meet StarCraft II's first female pro player, Kim Shee-Yoon. She's young, good looking, but not the best player for her status. As you can imagine, this has set off massive upset in the StarCraft scene, leading to degrading cyber-bullying, flame wars and a lawsuit. It's a fascinating story.

Here's a steampunk fight stick, made by custom fight stick professional Jeff Katzenell.

And while we're on the subject of fighting games, why not have US fighting game champion Justin Wong genially give you his pro tips on pro play? A sample: "There is nothing wrong in being a training mode monster."

Meet the Nyan Cat Redeemer, a weapon made for Unreal Tournament III using its Weapon Mutator which features a high-quality Nyan cat trail, custom HUD, high damage and incredible Nyan accuracy.