Out There: The worst gaming hardware

Out There: The worst gaming hardware

"Oh, I love bad game systems! I think you can learn just as much about game design from seeing all the bad stuff as you can by looking at the good stuff. There’s a good research paper right in there: Why are those Zelda games for the CD-i so bad? What is it—about the gameplay, about the controller, about the system, whatever—that made it completely unsuited for trying to do that sort of game?"
Jon Irwin visits The Computer and Video Game Archive at the University of Michigan to discover how gaming's flotsam and jetsam (we've an office filled with it) can have relevance for research. What was it about CDi?

Dead End Thrills gives Rage both barrels – or should that be the other way around? – with its 100 screenshot collection.

If you've ever wondered who buys Excalibur Publishing's incredible array of hyper-mundane simulation games (Oil Platform Simulator, Delivery Truck Simulator, et al), Look Around Me creator Robert Popper has found a single, tantalising clue.

Here are loads of delightful Earthbound-style takes on characters from other games.

A dictionary of terms that only developers use. Favourites: wonkify (add imperfection to break up symmetry) and pimp the tech (doing something to show the engine at its best).

Apropos of little else: "Grape Nuts are the Neo Geo of cereals: everyone knows one guy who likes them, usually an eccentric distant relative, but most people have never seen or tried them. And that’s for the best."