Ouya gets revised controller ahead of release, disc D-pad encouragingly switched for cross design


Ouya has tweaked the design of its eponymous Android-based console’s controller following developer feedback, improving its quality, feel and responsiveness in the process – according to a post on the official Ouya blog.

Perhaps the most important revision applies to the D-pad, which has been changed from a disc to a cross, boosting Ouya’s fighting credentials. The analogue sticks have been bolstered with rubberised tops for better grip, too, and the triggers are now less prominent and more tactile.

The face buttons remain unchanged, but Ouya promises that the touchpad will be more responsive come release time. A more secure battery bay and higher-quality material for the opening tab round out the changes.

Ouya’s focus on its controller, and willingness to listen to developers when it comes to the final design, is admirable and raises hopes that the company’s console will be a worthy gaming machine. At this point at least, with this focus on the most important component and the already strong design of its console, Ouya appears to be a front runner in the microconsole race.

Whether its a race worth competing in, of course, still remains to be seen, but with the $99 console slated for an April release, we won’t have to wait long to find out.