PC Piracy “Declining”

PC Piracy "Declining"

PC Piracy "Declining"

The new president of the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), Matt Ployhar, has said that PC piracy is on the decline.

Piracy is often cited by developers and publishers as a means of justifying multiplatform games not seeing release for PC, but according to Ployhar, the changing landscape of PC gaming means piracy is no longer the problem it once was.

“Piracy was largely, historically rampant when you had an optical drive or a piece of physical media,” he told Gamasutra. “And people would go and download the crack for it. In some cases the crack was done days before the game ever even hit retail shelves.

“The only PC gaming business models that existed and continued to thrive and that could continue to live were MMOGs. They do really well. You can still pirate them but they’re an order of magnitude harder to pirate.

“And then there are free-to-play games. You can’t really pirate free-to-play. You can but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So what’s happening is game design is shifting and as a result of shifting game design, piracy, at least on the PC side, is actually declining as a result.”

Ployhar, a strategic planner for Intel who spent 13 years at Microsoft, was appointed to the PCGA presidency in December.

Source: Gamasutra