Phantom Drops Physical Receiver

Phantom Drops Physical Receiver

Phantom Drops Physical Receiver

Phantom Entertainment has updated its plans for the vaporous Phantom Game Service, which will now take the form of client software on Windows-based PCs.

Originally, the yet-to-be-launched Phantom Game Service revolved around a Windows-based receiver that would allow customers to play games-on-demand via a broadband connection.

The change in strategy was quietly revealed on Phantom Entertainment’s official website, which reads, "The Company intends to modify the Phantom Game Service software to run as client software on personal computers operating Windows XP and Windows XP Media center operating systems."

Phantom Entertainment, which used to be called Infinium Labs, also has apparently delayed its upcoming Phantom Lapboard from an October launch to November. The $129.95 peripheral is being manufactured by Itron, and allows users to use a mouse and keyboard combo from more comfortable living room settings more easily.

Although the Phantom Game Service will be PC-based, the service is centered on the television, as a standard or HD TV is listed as one of the requirements of use.

In late May, Phantom Entertainment said that it "is engaged in discussions to license the Phantom Game Service technology to well-established manufacturers of PCs and digital home entertainment centers."

The service has been in development for a few years, and has been the butt of more than a few jokes across the Internet, due partly to the irony of the name "Phantom."

The company has seen a string of top level management problems and legal issues as well, including a $51,000 lawsuit by former CEO Kevin Bachus for unpaid wages, and an alleged junk fax ploy which was meant to artificially inflate company stock.