Pixeljunk 4am explained

Q-Games, Japanese developer of the Pixeljunk series, showed off upcoming PS Move game Pixeljunk 4am at GDC last week.

Lead designer Rowan Parker explains the system powering 4am, which has been developed with input from Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon, in the below video, posted on the PlayStation Blog.

Using the Move controller, players can sense music in the air, denoted by the controller vibrating, and essentially pick it up and throw it in to the mix. Each of the four tracks can be taken out and slammed back in, with waves and rotations of the Move controller adding extra sound effects and filters.

Dynamic visualisations appear on screen as you play, and the resulting track can be published to PlayStation Network and can even be viewed by people that don't own the game using a free application.

No firm release date has been set, but Pixeljunk 4am is slated for release on PlayStation Network this spring.