Plastic Surgeon Sets New Donkey Kong Record

Plastic Surgeon Sets New Donkey Kong Record

Plastic Surgeon Sets New Donkey Kong Record

The King of Kong is dead. Long live the King of Kong.

New York plastic surgeon Dr Hank Chien has set a new Donkey Kong world record, reclaiming the honour from King Of Kong star Steve Wiebe.

Chien first won the title last March, setting a new record score of 1,061,700, but his score was beaten by veteran high score champion Billy Mitchell’s tally of 1,062,800. Wiebe then broke Mitchell’s record in September with 1,064,500.

Now, according to high score website Twin Galaxies, Chien posted a new record of 1,068,000 in two hours and 45 minutes, set in the comfort of his own home with Twin Galaxies approving the video of his attempt. In an interview with Twin Galaxies, Chien explains his approach to dethroning the King of Kong.

“I played more aggressively in the beginning to put my pace well above the world record score and then played more conservatively towards the end of the game,” he says. “The score is getting high enough now that you will have to play fairly aggressively all the way through the game to get the world record.

“If the score is pushed up much higher, I will have to revamp my playing style next time for a higher risk/higher reward.”

Chien also notes that the battle is likely to run on, as no-one knows what the maximum Donkey Kong score is due to the game’s random element. He had taken a break from the game but started playing again to prepare for an upcoming Donkey Kong competition, The Kong Off, which is being organised by Billy Mitchell and Richie Knucklez.

Wiebe posted on Twitter yesterday to congratulate Chien, saying: “I want to congratulate Hank Chien on reclaiming the Donkey Kong record with an amazing score of 1,068,000 points. Way to go Hank!”