Platinum Games Reveals Max Anarchy

Platinum Games Reveals Max Anarchy

Platinum Games Reveals Max Anarchy

Bayonetta developer heading online with multiplayer brawler featuring MadWorld protagonist; out this year.

Platinum Games is working on a new PS3 and Xbox 360 title called Max Anarchy.

Japanese magazine Famitsu reveals the game in its latest issue, and Andriasang provides the details in English. Max Anarchy is Platinum’s first online title, described as an “online action game with support for large numbers of players”.

Screenshots in Famitsu show players using chainsaws and torches, and it also claims Jack, the protagonist from Platinum’s Wii disappointment MadWorld pictured above, is a playable character, though there’ll be no repeat of the hyper-violent 2009 brawler’s visual style.

Max Anarchy is set for a worldwide Fall release this year, published by Sega. More details are expected shortly as translators get to work on the magazine’s developer interview with Atsushi Inaba.

UPDATE: Andriasang now has details of the aforementioned Inaba interview which sheds more light on the game.

Producer Inaba says the title’s genre is something that doesn’t currently exist: “Massively Multiplayer Melee Fighting Action”. There’s no detail on the maximum number of players involved. Inaba also says the online action will be cooperative as well as competitive.

While the online mode makes Max Anarchy unique, it will feature an offline mode with “a solid story”. While neglecting to elaborate, Inaba explains the reason for the return of MadWorld protagonist Jack. The Platinum team wanted to use the character again, and even though he has nothing to do with the Max Anarchy world or story, the team felt he fit the action perfectly.

Inaba has confidence in the current state of the game but admits there is much balancing work to be done, especially if the game is to appeal to a wider audience.

He also says the reason the genre has never been done before is because of the “synchronisation issues” that present themselves when large numbers of players are online at once.

With comparable single-player games such as God Hand and Platinum’s own Bayonetta requiring tight timing to successfully string together combos, the game’s success could be defined by the strength of its netcode, something in which Platinum is inexperienced.