Platinum Games talks Bayonetta 2

Why we need Bayonetta 2

“We want to make a game that maximises Wii U’s potential” says cult developer.

Nintendo released a developer diary from Platinum Games today as part of its Nintendo Direct showcase. You can watch how development has progressed on Bayonetta 2, which is set to be a Wii U exclusive, below.

Producer of the first game, Yusuke Hashimoto is the director of the sequel, with Hideki Kamiya supervising production. We famously awarded the original game a 10 upon its release for Xbox 360 and PS3 in January 2010.

Elsewhere on today’s Nintendo Direct, the platform holder revealed a Wind Waker HD remake, a new Yoshi game from the creator of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Virtual Console on Wii U plus the news that new Super Mario and Mario Kart games, both for Wii U, will be on show at E3 this year.