Playdead has bought itself back from its investors

Playdead has bought itself back from its investors

Working with investment banking consultant GP Bullhound, the Copenhagen-based developer has bought itself back from its shareholders.

"We are really happy about how it turned out even though the cost was higher than we had hoped," CEO Dino Patti told us. "The process was very educational and this is a big step on our way to become fully independent."

Game director Arnt Jensen and and Patti initially funded Limbo's development themselves, with support from grants from the Danish government. But after a few months they approached investors as Limbo started to expand far beyond their original plan. From a free PC download game made by two people it became a full paid-for title for console.

Maintaining creative control has been a mainstay of Playdead's culture, resulting in it self-publishing Limbo. Following heavy hints in interviews with Patti last month, this move underlines again its forthrightly independent attitude.