Playdead using Unity for next project

Playdead using Unity for next project

Playdead using Unity for next project

Playdead, the Danish developer of Limbo, has told us that it is using the Unity platform for the development of its next project.

In an interview, CEO Dino Patti and game director Arnt Jensen explain that the decision was prompted by their experience of using a proprietary engine in development of Limbo.

"It was just too much work," Jensen tells us. "It's like having a double product, doing both engine and game. And our next project is a little more ambitious than Limbo so there are a lot of things we don't want to make from the beginning."

Patti is rather more blunt when he explains: "Limbo's engine only works when it's black and white now. It can't render colour anymore."

Despite the decision to use Unity Technologies' increasingly popular solution – it now has more than 500,000 users – Patti says that those eagerly anticipating the follow-up to the 2010 Xbox Live Arcade hit, which has since been released on Steam and PSN, should not hold their breath.

"A good game takes time," he tells us. "I think the new production will take at least three and a half years."

The above are extracts from an interview, the full version of which is in our new issue, E232, which should be with subscribers any day now and on shelves on August 30.