PlayStation division swings to profit

PlayStation division swings to profit

Sony's networked products and services division – which includes its PlayStation business – returned to profit in the financial year ending March 31.

Last year, NPS posted a loss of ¥83.3 billion (£625.6 million), but it has returned to profit, making ¥35.6 billion (£267.4 million), a solid return on its sales and operating revenue, which rose just 0.4 per cent to ¥1.58 trillion (£11.8 billion).

The results of Sony Corporation as a whole, though, tell a different story. Sales and operating income totalled ¥7.18 trillion (£53.9 billion), a drop of 0.5 per cent year on year, but losses rose more than sixfold to ¥86.2 billion (£1.95 billion).

During the financial year Sony sold 14.3 million PlayStation 3 consoles, an increase of 10 per cent on the 13 million it sold the previous year. PSP sales fell 19.2 per cent to 8 million units, and while sales of the ageing PlayStation 2 fell 12.4 per cent year on year, the firm still sold 6.4 million systems.

There was also a sharp increase in PS3 software sales, which rose 27.9 per cent to 147.9 million. PSP sales rose slightly to 46.6 million, thanks to the system's enduring popularity in Japan, though PS2 game sales slumped more than 50 per cent to 16.4 million.

Source: Sony