PlayStation Phone Unveiled

PlayStation Phone Unveiled

Tech site Engadget gets its hands on working prototype of long-rumoured phone, now called Xperia Play.

It’s been a busy 24 hours for the Playstation brand: while most of the attention is on this morning’s announcement of PSP successor NGP, Engadget has got its hands on a prototype of the long-rumoured PlayStation Phone, to be released under the name Xperia Play.

The phone has a four-inch, 854×480 multitouch screen, reportedly powered by a Bravia engine for superior video playback. Running on Android’s Gingerbread operating system, Xperia Play has a single-core processor, clocking between 122.88MHz and 1GHz, with an Adreno 205 GPU and 512MB of RAM.

The screen slides out to reveal a DualShock-style d-pad and four face buttons, with two circular, flat touch-sensitive pads in place of the PS3 controller’s analogue sticks. Unable to test any proper games Engadget installed a couple of emulators, and reported positive results. It also found Xperia Play was capable of displaying 720p H.264 videos smoothly, though popular containers AVI and MKV are not supported.

Engadget’s in-depth look at the device was posted yesterday, before Sony’s NGP announcement this morning where it also unveiled PlayStation Suite, an online store allowing users to download PSOne classics and original content to Android-compatible devices, no doubt designed with Xperia Play in mind.