PlayStation Suite SDK beta due in April

PlayStation Suite, the platform allowing developers to create games to be played on PlayStation Certified Android devices, will enter open beta in April, Sony has confirmed.

The PS Suite SDK has been in closed beta since November, and has been used by select developers in the UK, US and Japan. The start of the open beta will be heralded by an upgraded version of the SDK, designed with feedback from closed beta testers. Later this year, the final version will be available to developers for an annual fee of $99 (£63).

The resulting games will be sold through PlayStation Store, with Sony pledging to give the games due prominence in its increasingly cluttered marketplace.

The current lineup of PlayStation Certified devices includes the Xperia range of smartphones manufactured by Sony Mobile Communications – the new name for Sony Ericsson following Sony buying out the two firms' partnership – and Sony's Android tablets, S and P.