PopCap co-founder shrugs off EA worst company award

John Vechey, co-founder of PopCap, has dismissed the naming of parent company Electronic Arts as the worst company in America.

In a blog post, Vechey gives his thoughts on why EA beat the likes of Comcast, AT&T and Bank Of America to claim the trophy, awarded every year by US website The Consumerist.

"Everyone makes mistakes," Vechey writes. "EA does not have a perfect past. It's made HR mistakes. It's made huge game design screw-ups. It's messed up studios, marketing campaigns and beloved franchises (sometimes all at once).

"It will do so again. There is no perfect company, and I won't promise perfection from PopCap."

Vechey believes EA has come under fire because succeeding in the game industry is, simply put, much harder these days. "Make some fun games," he writes. "Go ahead. Heck, just make one. Make a game that you have to update every year or customers complain.

"Make a game that has thousands of hours of dialogue and storytelling. Make a game that excites, engages, and inspires. Now do it again. And again. For 30 years. In every genre. On every platform.

"I'm very glad EA acquired PopCap. I believe in EA's leadership. John Riccitiello has a vision for EA that is important. Gamers may complain about paid DLC, but there has to be something that sits between FarmVille and the $60 pricepoint."

During the past 12 months EA has come under fire for its aggressive launches of Battlefield 3 and its Steam rival Origin, as well as the FIFA series' apparent role in a spate of Xbox Live account thefts, but the greatest ire has been directed towards subsidiary BioWare for Mass Effect 3's lacklustre ending. It's clear which of these perceived transgressions Vechey believes prompted EA's "victory" in The Consumerist's contest.

"It was a bit frustrating to read EA winning, but when I look at the list of companies, I only see one or two others that actually inspire any emotion or passion," he writes. "Apple. Google, maybe. I may rant or complain about DirectTV's atrocious customer service, Comcast's flakey connection speeds, Bank Of America's ATM fees or Ticketmaster charges, but do I really care? Naw. No matter how angry I've been at them, I ultimately can't care.

"But man… you miss my expectations on the ending of an epic, three-game space opera that I've spent hundreds of hours enjoying – go f yourself."