PopCap Considering Going Public

PopCap Considering Going Public

PopCap is considering an initial public offering (IPO) before the year is out, according to reports, a move which would see the firm become beholden to investors.

The developer’s president David Roberts told CNBC that, while PopCap has been building towards an IPO for several years, no firm decision has been taken.

“I do think we’ll be ready internally [by the end of the year],” he said. “Whether the market is ready remains to be seen… It has got to be right for us.”

Roberts confirms that discussions have been held with several potential investors, with CNBC hinting that social gaming king Zynga is an interested party. However PopCap is seemingly determined that it would only go public were it in its long-term interests to do so.

“Whenever you file an S12, you’re pretty much guaranteed that someone will come and try to buy you,” he said. “Our goal is not about an exit at PopCap. It’s about creating this legacy of games that mean as much as Monopoly and Scrabble to the world.”

Source: CNBC