Populous reborn in your browser

Populous reborn in your browser

While Odin and Zeus's adherents might reasonably struggle to agree on which deity would win in a fight, it's commonly agreed that Populous is the true god of god games. Designer and illustrator Jon Caplin is well aware of this, and has created his own offering to Bullfrog's genre-defining 1989 classic in the form of Reprisal.

The browser-based homage is Caplin's first game, but it doesn't show. Its chunky, and fashionable, pixel visuals are augmented with an attractive, tilt-shifted depth of field effect that gives the game a unique look, while the cheerful tutorial leads you through the game's territory-conquering gameplay with easy charm.

"Playing Populous, I realised the power of capturing someone's attention making them lose hours of their lives playing games," says Caplin. "I fell in love with those little pixel guys!"

"I made Reprisal in homage to Populous and most of the development is done from memories of the game. Approaching the game as a personal graphic design project it began as a way to fill time recovering from a broken jaw. Hopefully it will reintroduce gamers to the original, simplistic genius of the early 'god' games."

Play the game here.

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