Profits rocket at Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai's annual results reveal profits of ¥19.3 billion (£149.7m), an increase year on year of a staggering 944.3 per cent.

Net sales revenue for the 12 months ending March 31 rose 15.2 per cent to ¥454.2 billion (£3.5bn). Every division saw revenue at least double, with the exception of the company's arcade business, where sales rose by 97.9 per cent.

While many of its Japanese peers have struggled of late due to the continued strength of the yen, Namco Bandai has prospered due to its relatively low reliance on exports compared to the likes of Nintendo and Sony. Over 83 per cent of the company's total net sales revenue came from within Japan.

The star performer during the year was From Software's masterful Dark Souls, which sold 1.19 million units in the US and Europe. On the home front, PS3's One Piece Kaikozu Musou sold 940,000, with another PS3 game, Tales Of Xillia, selling 770,000.

Soul Calibur V fared less well, selling 690,000 units worldwide, with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon reaching 1.07 million sales across Japan, the US and Europe.