Propaganda Games Closed

Propaganda Games Closed

Propaganda Games Closed

Owner Disney Interactive drops shutters on Tron: Evolution developer.

Vancouver-based studio Propaganda Games has been closed by its parent company Disney Interactive.

Disney confirmed to Gamasutra that the studio, whose most recent release was Tron: Evolution, had closed its doors, and had “completed all work associated” with the game, leaving a question mark over the proposed release of DLC for the title.

The news fits in with Disney’s shift in focus away from the console market and into mobile and social gaming after it acquired Playdom last year in a deal that could run to over $750 million.

“We’ve seen a pretty big shift in games from console to what I’ll call multiplatform – everything from mobile apps to social networking games,” Disney Interactive CEO Bob Iger told MCV in November when Disney announced increased revenues and reduced losses.

“It’s our goal not only to be profitable, but obviously to get there by shifting our investment and reducing our investment too,” he continued. “We probably will end up investing less on the console side than we have because of the shift we’re seeing in consumption and have a presence, albeit with probably less investment, in terms of game manufacturing on some of the newer platforms.”

Disney’s closure of Propaganda follows a troubled spell for the developer. Its Pirates Of The Caribbean tie-in Armada Of The Damned was cancelled last October, and rumours of job losses turned out to be true, with one of the studio’s development teams shut down.