PS3 FirstPlay Launches Today

PS3 FirstPlay Launches Today

FirstPlay, Europe’s first on-console, interactive show, will launch today in high definition on PS3.

The weekly, subscription based show will be accessible via the PlayStation Network in the UK at launch, and across selected European and PAL territories later this year.

FirstPlay will offer reviews and previews of the latest games from the Official PlayStation Magazine team, as well as exclusive access to downloadable content.

Registered PS3 users will be able to buy a three month subscription at £8.99 or purchase single episodes for 99p.

FirstPlay features six premium video advertising slots per episode, which become skippable after being watched once.

"As PlayStation 3 moves the gaming experience to a more social and competitive online environment through the PlayStation Network, so it becomes critical that we’re offering gamers the very best content and services through this channel,” Ray Maguire, senior VP of SCE Europe, said in February. “FirstPlay is a great example of this.”