PS3 Move Bundle Priced And Dated

PS3 Move Bundle Priced And Dated

Sony confirms the pricing and release dates for two new PS3 SKUs, both of which will offer greater hard-drive capacity.

As previously predicted,  Sony will release two new PS3 SKUs, one of which will be packaged with Move. Speaking at Gamescom 2010, Andrew House confirmed the price points and revealed that both SKUs will feature larger hard-drives.

A 320GB PS3 and Move starter pack bundle will be released on September 15 (replacing the current 250GB model) and will be priced at £284.99. In October, a 160GB PS3 will be released, replacing the current 120GB unit, and will cost £249.99.

House also revealed that PS3 software sales are up 38%, citing the release of the Slim as the "Instant PS3 sprang to life". He claimed that Sony has sold 38 million PS3s globally, 16 million of which were in Europe.